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If you're looking for quality work, up-front pricing, honest talent, and working one-on-one with a designer, then you're in the right place.

I can provide a range of services from a simple estimate to a design concept to a
production ready product. I have over ten years of experience and can work with you
to create a design that matches your style or the identity of your company.
And, if you're not positive what you're looking for, then I can help you find it.

My name is Debby and I am a full time Associate Professor at the Community College
of Baltimore County
in the Institute of Art, Design, and Interactive Media. As a
graphics teacher, my skills cover most everything that falls under graphic design today,
but, my expertise is in logos, invitations, and print publication design. I work as a freelance
graphic designer and graphics consultant on the side and take on all kinds of projects.
See design services for more details.

Feel free to browse my work to the right, in the rack.